The Center for the Study of Economic and Social Affairs (CERES) ranked second in the ranking of the most influential Think Tanks in Latin America within the category of multidisciplinary research in 2020. It also was named the best center in Uruguay and the sixth in the region, according to the annual evaluation carried out by the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), considering the opinion of nearly 4,000 experts.

Last January 30, the American university released its annual 2020 Go To Think Tank Index Report within the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program framework, which publishes rankings of the most influential public policies study centers in the world considering regions and categories.

CERES stood out globally among over 11,000 evaluated institutions as one of the centers with the best multidisciplinary research—13th in the world—, as well as among the centers that research on home economics—38th in the world—and international economics—47th in the world.

These results show that CERES is the sixth most influential public policy study center in Latin America and the most influential in Uruguay, a position it holds continuously since 2009.

For over 30 years, the University of Pennsylvania has analyzed the role of different organizations that study and research public policies. The report is published since 2006. Many experts participate, including journalists, academics, researchers, study center executives, and public policy makers.

CERES was founded in 1985 and, since June 2020, it is led by the economist Ignacio Munyo. CERES is an independent and nonprofit studies center specialized in analyzing economic and social affairs, creating public policies, and promoting its debates at the local level and in international forums to inspire positive changes in living standards.