Starting this December, CERES (Center for the Study of Economic and Social Affairs) will have a new means of communication with Uruguayans: the CERES Blog. From this section, we intend to contribute to the debate of ideas and the discussion of reforms that the country needs. Our premise is clear: the knowledge produced by CERES must be increasingly available to Uruguayans, attentive to any changes that could benefit the country.

The CERES Blog will be sustained by the professionals that are the core of the institution. Based on their research work, they produce periodic reports that analyze what is happening and propose paths the country could follow for the future. This section, which we have called ‘impressions,’ originated from several observations in the extensive fieldwork that give birth to our reports. But the blog will have an ‘opinions’ section as well. Academics, researchers, scientists, politicians, journalists, and anyone who has ideas to push forward and contribute to the public debate that CERES promotes can collaborate.

It is a different communication mechanism to which CERES has you accustomed, which will grow and establish over time. We hope it allows a general dissemination of various points of view on those issues that, we believe, are key to the country’s future.