Democracy in Motion is a multimedia project developed by The Center for the Study of Economic and Social Affairs. Its purpose is to display and honor the one characteristic that differentiates our country from any other: our republican democracy regime. The project presents and articulates three major communication products : the Expo Democracia exhibit, the Democracy in Motion book and the Sovereign People documentary film.


Expo Democracia presentation – August 2021

Former Uruguayan Presidents -Luis Lacalle, Julio María Sanguinetti and José Mujica- attended the opening at Palacio Legislativo.

Expo Democracia exhibiton – September 2021

A nine-cube photographic exhibition was on display for the public at Plaza Independencia in Montevideo and in the provinces of Florida, Rocha and Rivera. The Expo Democracia was conceived with the intention of celebrating the longest uninterrupted period of democratic governments in the history of Uruguay.


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Press coverage

Democracy in Motion – Book

The books main character is Uruguay´s institutionality. This characteristic is our country’s greatest differential value. Uruguay is one of the few fully democratic countries in the world, a living example of how the people can organize and live peacefully.

Democracy in motion collects quotes from each of the opening presidential speeches when taking office, since 1985. It also displays a photographic sample of what was experienced during the Expo Democracia exhibition. The book is not for sale.

Spreading throughout the country

We visited our National Library in order to donate 100 copies of our book «Uruguay: democracy in motion». This books will be distributed across the country with. the support of the National Public Library´s system. Besides, we handled 500 copies of our book to the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP in spanish) with the intention of distributing them throughout the country in order to reach every public highschool`s library.

Sovereign People – Documentary film


On Thursday 17th of February our documentary film was first aired, on an exclusive event held for our sponsors. Former president Julio María Sanguinetti also attended the event. The film was also shown on an event at ENJOY, Maldonado, to the National administration of Public Education (ANEP) and to youth sectors from every political party.

  • Washington DC

Spreading throughout the world

United States

In pursuit of expanding our project and spreading it along the world, we visited the Uruguayan embassy at Washington DC. There we exhibited a new version of Expo Democracia. Another highlight of our trip was the visit to the National Congress Library, as we donated several copies of our book.


We also visited Madrid, where we presented the Documentary Film «Sovereign People» at Casa de América, followed by a speech from Felipe González. Besides, we got to visit the Spanish National Library and donate a coy of our book.